I. Overview of the ebCreator Interface

Image 1: Overview of the EbCreator Interface

II. Basic Operations on ebCreator

1. Writing Articles

Image 2: Operation for ebCreator to write an article

To enable ebCreator to automatically write articles as your requirements, follow these steps:

  • Log in/Login if you already have an account, or Register/Sign Up if you are a new member.
  • Select the Templates menu, then click to choose a template that suits your writing needs.
  • Fill in basic information: Choose the language, fill in the necessary fields (Note: The more specific the input information, the more accurate the article will be to your requirements).
  • Click Generate Text for ebCreator to proceed with writing the article and view the result.
  • Then you can edit the article as desired and save it.

2. Reviewing Saved Articles

Image 3: Operation to review old articles

To review old articles, click on Documents then choose All Documents.

3. Saving Favorite Templates

Image 4: Operation to save favorite templates

  • To save favorite templates, go to Templates, click on the star icon (⭐) at the top right corner of the template.
  • To review the templates you have marked as favorites, go to the Dashboard.

Image 5: Reviewing favorite templates

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